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Standing Committees 2017-2018

State Government Relations

Allison Luellen
Steve Lazaroff
Kevin Liebrum
Uwe Klemm
Karen Kolb
Matt Simpson
David Shepherd
Brendan Wrynn
Arthur Walus
Julie Melvin

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Jim Bohrer
Jim Carr
Steven Cook
Julie Melvin
Dave Proffer
Mark Scherer (Lobbyist)


Melissa Badar Beyfuss
Danette Plautz
Norma Odar
Kristine Cook
Julie Smit
Steven Cook


Social Media

Nicole Borem Schickel
Nancy Walker


Patricia Wilson 
Tom Severs


Public Relations (PR)

Committee Responsibilities

Government Relations Committee

GR Chair
  • Maintain close professional relationship with our Lobbyists
  • Strategically plan INANA actions in consultation with the Lobbyists and also the AANA DC/Park Ridge Offices
  • Remain available to testify at the State House and/ or to attend meetings with Legislators
  • Remain available to attend meetings by other healthcare groups/ organizations
  • Remain available to respond to inquiries by INANA members and any other individual or group
  • Attend the AANA Mid Year Assembly every year, and do visits on the Hill
  • Mentor other CRNAs interested in legislative issues
  • Maintain communication, as needed, with GR Committee Members, other INANA members, and the INANA Board
  • Maintain close ties with the AANA offices and their staff
  • Maintain professional integrity
GR Committee Members
  • Remain available to communicate via e-mail or phone
  • Respond in a timely manner to any inquiries made by the GR Chair, or other members
  • Remain available, to the best of their ability, to testify at the State House or to attend meetings/ activities with Legislators during the Legislative Session or throughout the year
  • Maintain professional integrity

Nominating Committee

Generalized Duties
The nominating committee shall be made up of at least three active members who are appointed by the Board. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to identify, interview, and vet candidates for the offices to be filled at the Fall Meeting. The Nominating Committee shall prepare the slate of officers, directors and submit it to the membership at least 45 days before the Fall meeting. The election ballot shall be sent to all members by electronic and/or postal mail at least 45 days before the Fall meeting. The ballots are due back at least 15 days before the Fall meeting.
Specific Duties
The nominating committee will hold at least 3 telephonic meetings to discuss potential list of candidates. Meetings will take place the first week in January, April, and July. Logistical assistance for setting up telephonic conferences will be coordinated through INANA administrator.

Initial candidates that are identified in January will be interviewed at INANA spring conference by nominating committee with interviews being presided by nominating chair committee. Specific job descriptions for elected positions will be distributed to candidates at this time. Candidates unable to make INANA spring conference will be invited to join telephonic conference in April for interviews. Candidates that are identified after April will be given specific job description with telephonic interview taking place in July coinciding with telephonic nominating committee meeting.

A final list of candidates for election will be submitted to the INANA Board of Directors no later than the 3rd week of July. The nominating committee chairperson will submit election and/or postal mail by the first week of August.

Program Committee

  • setting the dates and picking the venues for the state meetings (office to solicit proposals)
  • contacting & arranging speakers/presenters for the meetings
  • send approval materials to the AANA for each meeting including the list of speakers, outlines of each presentation, the venue, the cost to attend, copies of the program evaluation forms and CE forms
  • correspond with each program committee member, the INANA president & Executive Director at least once a month
  • coordinate food and AV services with the meeting venue (usually handled by office)
  • make accommodations for speakers to travel from out of town (usually handled by office)
  • prepare daily sign in sheets for CEs (usually handled by the office)
  • prepare written program and attendees packets (to include thumb drive with speaker materials, evaluations, sponsor information, writing paper)
  • responsible for recording everyone's CEs for the meeting and sending this information to the AANA for every CRNA's renewal. We keep the CE and meeting attendance info on file for 4 years. A copy of the sign in sheets is maintained at the office.


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